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Google Maps Scraper

Automated Google scraping

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Google Maps Scraper

Automated Google scraping

What is Google Maps Scraper


The advanced Google Maps scraper isn't just another ordinary scraping tool. This innovative Google Maps data extractor utilizes multiple contact options per business, allowing you to gather more than one point of contact. With its multi-keyword and multi-location search capabilities, it accelerates lead generation compared to other tools in the market. Utilize this Google Maps scraper to enhance your lead generation efforts.


Google Maps Scraper for :

  • Freelancers
  • Lead Agencies
  • B2B Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • SaaS entreprenuers


The X-Factor

A.I Automation.

✅ Automate lead scraping.

✅ Define time limitations.

Success Rate

✅ 92.8% success rate in email capture.

✅ 100% success in contact capture.


No API's

✅ No third API dependancy.

✅ No hidden cost.


✅ Remove junk emails.

✅ Secured & permenant data storage.


Toolz4biz Care+

Support available through email.


Assurance Policy

Try Google Maps Scraper for free before purchase. Read product terms.


Unique Features

The most powerful lead generation Google Maps scraper tool, that’s our commitment. See Details.


Yearly Plan

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Old-fashioned ways of finding potential customers can take a lot of time that need your presence in front of the system, which can slow down a business's growth. But with the AUTO PILOT mode, things are different. It uses smart technology to find leads quickly, saving time for businesses. You don't have to type in search queries every time you need to find data because it does it automatically. This means it keeps finding new leads for your sales process without needing you to be there all the time.

Using its smart "Deep Scan" technology, Google Maps scraper finds many email addresses linked to businesses. This cool feature searches through hidden web pages and online data places to discover important contact details that regular methods might miss. By looking through different kinds of data, Google Map scraper's program finds hard-to-find email addresses, giving businesses a complete list of contacts for each organization. This helps with A/B marketing strategies because you have more chances to close sales with each organization.

The Google Maps Scraper offers the "Skip List" functionality, enabling users to actively curate their data extraction process. This integrated feature allows for the manual removal of unwanted listings from the extraction queue at the point of acquisition. This is particularly valuable when encountering scenarios beyond the scope of automated script identification, such as blocked processes or irrelevant entries. This proactive approach empowers users with specific data requirements to maintain control and optimize efficiency throughout the extraction journey.

Despite the inherent challenge of encountering undesirable emails during data extraction, the Google Maps Scraper incorporates safeguards to minimize the impact. By default, our lead generation process employs a curated blacklist of known spam trap email addresses. Furthermore, users have the power to personalize this list by adding or removing specific email addresses during the extraction process, ensuring the highest possible data quality.

Google Maps scraper empowers you to extract diverse data sets tailored to your specific lead generation needs.

Here's how Google maps scraper simplifies the process:

  • Personalized Data Extraction: Select custom fields that capture the precise information you seek, ensuring only relevant data is collected.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: By focusing on essential fields, Google Map scraper optimizes the extraction process, saving you time and resources.

The benefits of using custom data:

  • Target specific businesses: Identify and extract data relevant data based on your needs of  the businesses on Google Maps.
  • Streamline your workflow: Only extract the data you need, making analysis and data handling easier.
  • Improve efficiency: Save time and resources by focusing on targeted data collection.

Managing large datasets on your local machine can be frustrating. Files often get misplaced, making it difficult to retrieve them later. The new Google Maps scraper solves this problem by offering two secure data storage options. You can:

  • Store your leads directly within the application: This ensures your data is always accessible and protected, even if you misplace data or experiences other issues.
  • Download your leads to your local machine: This provides you with local copies for offline access, while still keeping the originals safely backed up within Google Maps scraper.

Google Maps Scraper Price


Price : US$44/yearly



  • Auto Pilot scraping. 
  • Deep email capture.
  • Customizable field selection.
  • Skip List.
  • Skip Emails (Junk email).
  • Data stores in csv or xls.
  • Skip duplicate URL's.

Min. System Requirements : Windows 11 and above or MacOS 14 and above.

Support : Email based support.

Assurance Policy : Free trial before the purchase of the product. 

Delivery time : Immediately on purchase.

497 Reviews Google Maps Scraper

4.9 out of 5

Jennifer Smith

3 months ago

Forget spending hours manually collecting emails, Google Maps Scraper from Toolz4biz is a game-changer! It`s like having a super-powered assistant that scours the web for leads while I focus on what I do best. Plus, it`s not just any email scraper – it filters out junk and lets me snag exactly what I need, no more no less. And the best part? It hardly ever misses an email, thanks to the handy timeout feature. My lead generation skyrocketed, and sales conversions are through the roof! If you`re tired of busywork and want to watch your business bloom, this tool is a must-have.


Rajesh Kumar

3 months ago

Best tool for market research


Jessica Johnson

3 months ago

Support team rocks! Always there to help.


Neha Sharma

3 months ago

Exceeds expectations. Highly impressed!


David Brown

3 months ago

Makes competitor analysis a breeze. Thank you!


Priya Sharma

3 months ago

Couldn`t find a better scraper for Google Maps data.

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Google Maps Scraper

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Revolutionary auto-pilot data extraction tool with multi-keyword, multi-location capabilities. Unlimited scraping.

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While Google permits data extraction from publicly displayed information, scraping entire countries with Google Maps scraper requires a more complex approach. Instead of targeting the entire country at once, consider these steps:

  1. Focus on specific keywords: Instead of "Real estate agencies in Canada," refine your search to individual cities or towns, like "Real estate agencies in Toronto," "Calgary," or "Ottawa."
  2. Extract relevant URLs: Once you have city-specific searches, copy the URLs displayed in the Google results. These URLs lead to pages containing business listings for each city.
  3. Build an automation list: Compile these city-specific URLs into a list that Lead Sniper can utilize for automated scraping. This allows you to gather business information for each city one by one.
  4. Repeat for additional cities: Follow the same process for other cities you want to include, expanding your list of URLs for Lead Sniper.

By following these steps, you can effectively scrape business information for the entire country, one city at a time, while adhering to Google's scraping guidelines.


Using Auto Pilot for Automatic Data Extraction:

To automatically extract data using the Auto Pilot feature, follow these steps:

  1. Gather URLs: Identify all the websites or webpages containing the data you want to extract. List their URLs in the dedicated section of the Auto Pilot feature. Remember, there's no limit to the number of URLs, but for smooth operation, it's best to avoid exceeding 20 at a time.
  2. Run Keyword Research: Perform your usual keyword research to determine the specific data points you need to extract. However, this time, instead of adding these keywords to the Auto Pilot list, use them to start the data extraction process directly.
  3. Automated Extraction: The Auto Pilot will now take over. It will:
    • Extract the data associated with the initial keywords you used to launch the process.
    • Pick one URL at a time from the list you pre-loaded in the Auto Pilot feature.
    • Apply the same extraction logic defined by your keywords to each URL, collecting the relevant data.
  4. Completion: Once all URLs have been processed, you'll receive a notification indicating completion.


  • Automate repetitive data extraction tasks, saving time and effort.
  • Extract data from multiple sources efficiently.
  • Ensure consistency in data extraction using predefined keywords.

Remember: While the Auto Pilot feature holds any number of URLs, it's recommended to keep the list under 20 to optimize system resources and ensure smooth operation.

No third-party APIs are used in this process, so there won't be any additional charges for the use.

The speed of Google Maps scraper depends primarily on the capabilities of your computer. We recommend using a computer with a standard setup, including at least 4GB of RAM and a current Chrome browser. During deep scans for email addresses, Google Maps Scraper may use an additional 10% of your computer's resources.

We are constantly working to improve the software and make it faster for you to gather leads. This includes using the latest technology available to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

Google Maps scraper is a tool that gathers information about businesses from various online sources, including Google My Business, the business website, google search , social media link.

Some of the common details you can gather about businesses using Google Maps scraper include:

  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Email address

Google Maps scraper will display a list of all the available fields for data extraction. You can then choose which specific fields you want to gather information on, tailoring the extraction process to your needs.

To prevent specific emails from appearing in your results, navigate to the "Settings" menu. Within the "Skip Emails" section, provide a comma-separated list of email addresses you wish to exclude.

To extract multiple email addresses for a business, you can activate a specialized function called "Deep Email Capture" within your settings. This feature, may slightly slow down your data extraction process, as it looks into various data sources available per business online. This enhances your ability to for multi contact options. With Deep Email Capture enabled, you can potentially retrieve more than one email address associated with a business, including those not readily visible and sourced from various data sources.

Toolz4biz's scraper provides flexibility in exporting scraped data. Users can conveniently export data in popular formats like CSV or Excel (XLS).

A page crash happens when the system is overloaded with resources and has insufficient available memory to execute scripts continuously. If this happens, you can stop the bot and restart the search query that was in progress.

The answer is simple: No limits. Whether it's the number of searches or the volume of leads you wish to capture, the sky's the limit.

Minimum Requirement : 


✅ OS : Windows 10 and above

✅ RAM : 4GB and above

❌  If McAfee or any other anti virus programs installed should be disabled. 

✅ Chrome : version 121.0.6167.86 (latest)



✅ OS : MacOS 14 and above

✅ RAM : 4GB and above

❌  Doesn't support intel processor 

✅ Chrome : version 121.0.6167.86 (latest)

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Google Maps Scraper human like bot

Effective Date: February 1, 2024

General Usage Policy


Google Maps scraper ("Software") is provided by Toolz4bBiz ("Company") as a free trial for a limited period ("Trial Period"). This No Refund Policy applies to all purchases of the Software.


Free Trial:

  • The Trial Period allows you to evaluate the Software's features and functionality before making a purchase decision.
  • During the Trial Period, you have access to all or a limited set of Software features (as specified on the website).
  • No payment information is required to start the Trial Period.


No Refunds Policy:

  • All purchases of the Software are final and non-refundable.
  • Once you purchase the Software, you are not entitled to a refund, even if you have not used all or any of its features.
  • This policy applies to all forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.



  • In the sole discretion of the Company, you may be eligible for a refund if you encounter a technical issue with the Software that cannot be resolved by the Company's technical support team.
  • Refunds will only be issued in the original form of payment and will not include any applicable taxes or fees.


License Policy

  1. Single License Usage:
    • Each purchased license for the Google Maps scraper software is intended for use on a single machine only.
    • Users are granted the right to install and activate the software on one designated machine per license.
  2. Machine-Specific Licensing:
    • The licensing is machine-specific, and users are required to specify the target machine during the activation process.
    • Attempting to use a single license on multiple machines simultaneously is a violation of the licensing terms.
  3. Additional Licenses for Multiple Machines:
    • To run the Google Maps scraper software on multiple machines, users must purchase additional licenses equivalent to the number of machines they intend to use the software on.
    • Each additional license grants the right to install and activate the software on one more designated machine.
  4. License Transfer and Reassignment:
    • Users are allowed to transfer a license from one machine to another, but only through the official transfer process provided by Toolz4Biz.
    • Transferring a license without proper authorization is considered a violation of the licensing policy.



Support Policy

  1. Email Support Availability:
    • Support via email is accessible to users from 1100 hrs UTC to 2100 hrs UTC, Monday through Friday.
    • Users are encouraged to reach out to our support team during these hours for assistance, inquiries, or issue resolution related to the Google Maps scraper software.
  2. Response Time:
    • Our support team is committed to providing timely responses to user queries during the specified support hours.
    • Users can expect a response within 24 hours of submitting their email, where 24 hours is the maximum allowable response time outlined in our internal service level agreements (SLAs).


Legal Compliance Policy

  1. Legal Compliance Responsibility:

Toolz4Biz’s product Google Maps scraper is designed to facilitate data extraction from publicly available online sources. It is imperative for users to ensure that their usage complies with the laws and regulations of their respective jurisdictions. We explicitly disclaim any responsibility for users engaging in illegal or unauthorized data scraping activities. Users are solely responsible for understanding and adhering to the legal requirements in their areas of operation.

  1. Regional Data Restrictions:

The Google Maps scraper software is a tool for general use, and its functionality is contingent upon the accessibility and availability of data on the internet. Users must acknowledge that certain data in their region may be subject to restrictions, limitations, or blocking by local authorities or website owners. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the scraping of restricted or blocked data in a user's specific region.

  1. User Accountability:

Users are accountable for the ethical and responsible use of the web scraper software. It is essential to respect the terms of service of the websites being scraped and to refrain from extracting sensitive or private information without proper authorization. Any misuse or violation of ethical standards is the user's responsibility, and we shall not be held liable for any legal or ethical repercussions resulting from such actions.

  1. Dynamic Legal Landscape:

Users must be aware that laws and regulations regarding web scraping may vary and evolve over time. Our company is not responsible for keeping users informed about changes in the legal landscape. It is the user's responsibility to stay updated on any legal developments related to web scraping in their jurisdiction and to adjust their usage of the web scraper software accordingly. We reserve the right to modify this policy in response to changes in the legal environment or to enhance the ethical use of our software.

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